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Division Listing 2018

Schedule for
Division H Homecraft

Type: Open

Judges Mrs Cath Fricker and Ms Josie McFerran

Sponsored by Kindly sponsored by FG Collier House and Kitchen Designs


Class No Description
128 Coffe and walnut cake
129 Victoria sandwich.
dusted with caster sugar (2 medium hens eggs and their weight in flour, sugar and fat, jam filling, tin max 8"/20cm)
130 Chocolate brownies
5 pieces
131 Cheese scones
132 Upside-down cake
133 Celebration Tray bake New for 2018
134 Butterfly cakes New for 2018
5, let your imagination fly!
135 Loaf of bread - hand made
Any type
136 Loaf of bread - machine made
Any type
137 Flapjacks
138 Cheese straws
139 Chocolate cake
Max Dia 12"/30cm
140 Vegetable Muffins New for 2018
5, state vegetabl(s) used
141 Shortbread
5 pieces
142 Bakewell tart
shortcrust pastry
143 Ginger bread
made in 2lb/1kg loaf tin
144 Fruit loat New for 2018
145 Mince pies
146 Homemade biscuits
147 Meat-free quiche
Max size 9"/23cm
148 Peppermint creams
149 100th birthday cake New for 2018
only decoration to be judged
150 Marmalade
1 pot, please name the type of marmalade and the date made
151 Strawberry jam
1 pot
152 Any other type of jam
1 pot, please state type
153 Fruit jelly
1 pot
154 Lemon curd
1 pot (recommended recipe on website)
155 Chutney
1 pot, at least 3 months maturity, state date on label
156 Any homecraft item.
Not included in the above classes. State size on entry form


NB: Please download or view a copy of the H&C Notes pdf here .
There is some really useful information on the pdf which will help you to make the very best of your entry - particularly if you've never exhibited before!
Don't forget to bring a roll of clingfilm with you, as all food items need to be covered (to comply with Health and Safety rules).

Entry Fees: 30p per item

Divisions marked as Open can be entered by any resident of the British Isles.

Divisions marked as Closed are for all residents who reside in the Parishes of Corsley, Chapmanslade and Horningsham including the cottages on the Bath Road between Norridge Woods and Chapmanslade, Rodden Down and East Woodlands.