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Division Listing 2018

Schedule for
Division I Handicraft

Type: Open

Judges Mrs Mary Housley & Mrs Hilary Kay

Sponsored by Kindly sponsored by S L Corden & Son, Warminster


Class No Description
157 A 'work inprogress' New for 2018
Please state size if over 36"/92cm
158 Hand embroidered item
From kit or chart
159 Item of crochet
state size if over 36"/91cm
160 Hand or machine sewn item
Not garment
161 Hand or machine sewn garment
162 Item of cross stitch
Line stiiches may be included
163 Item made of felt
164 Draught excluder New for 2018
165 Hand knitted item for baby
166 Quilted item
Please state size
167 Article of soft furnishing
lampshsade, cushion, etc. State size if larger than 27"/69cm
168 Door wreath New for 2018
in any medium
169 Greetings card New for 2018
to celebrate a centenary
170 Christmas decoration
171 Teddy bear or soft toy
172 Applique work New for 2018
Please state size if over 36"/92cm
173 Item of jewellery
174 Craft bag/organiser
175 Novice Class - Your first ever craft exhibit New for 2018
176 Something New from Something Old
"The most innovative use of recycled materials, in the opinion of the judge". Please state materials used
177 A decorated box
max. size 12"/30cm
178 Piece of decorated glass
max. size 18"/46cm
179 Decorated pebble in any medium
Max size 8"/20cm
180 Item of metalwork
please state size if over 36"/91cm. Please see final item on Notes to Exhibitors on page 51
181 Item of woodwork.
please state size. Please see final item on Notes to Exhibitors on page 51
182 Something for the garden New for 2018
Any materials. State size on entry form
183 Item of any other craftwork i.e.woodwork, pottery, sculpture
Please state size on entry form.


Entry Fees: 30p per item

Divisions marked as Open can be entered by any resident of the British Isles.

Divisions marked as Closed are for all residents who reside in the Parishes of Corsley, Chapmanslade and Horningsham including the cottages on the Bath Road between Norridge Woods and Chapmanslade, Rodden Down and East Woodlands.